SHPA Launch

The Social Health Protection Association (SHPA) is a new member-owned organization whose mission is to support and promote the quality, sustainability and coverage of community-based health insurance (CBHI) and other social health protection and/or micro-insurance schemes in Cambodia. Its members are NGOs across Cambodia who operates social health protection schemes, including CBHI for the informal sector and health equity funds (HEFs) for the poor.

SHPA emerged from the informal CBHI network, where CBHI operators joined together in 2007 to support the growth and development of the CBHI sector. SHPA was founded on November 24th, 2011 and officially registered with the Ministry of Interioron May 23rd 2012. SHPA officially launched its Operation on June 14th, 2012.

Updated: 29/07/2014 — 16:51
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