Mrs Lum Wun’s family


Mrs Lum Wun enrolled her family in a Micro Health Insurance (MHI) scheme run by CHC in July 2013. She decided to pay for insurance when CHC promoters came to her house, because they use health services a lot and it was expensive. There are three people living in the household and they now pay just 48,000 riel ($12) for the household’s enrolment for a year.

Mrs Wun has already used the insurance card twice, and the card has been used three times for her husband and twice for her son, who has tuberculosis. Their transport to the hospital and back was also covered by CHC, which otherwise would have cost around 13,200 riel ($3.30).
Mrs Lum Wun and her family
Her son has just come out of Siem Reap Provincial hospital, where his treatment would have cost 106,000 riel ($26.50) if it were not MrsLumWunFamilycovered by CHC. He is happy with the care he received, and said he was visited three times a day by staff. Mrs Wun suffers from a lot of headaches, and needs tablets every day, but she buys them from a small local shop rather than getting them through the health centre, as that would mean travelling much further.

Mrs Wun said “I am very happy with how the hospital has taken care of my family, and I thank the health staff and CHC staff. I always promote the Micro Health Insurance scheme to my neighbours so they don’t have to pay at the hospital, although I don’t know if any have signed up yet.”

Updated: 08/07/2014 — 14:36
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