Mr. Inchun’s family

Mr. Inchun Hy and his wife Mrs. Ou Kosal live in Andong Sway Village, Takream Commune, Banann District, Battambang Province. Working as farmer, Mr Inchun Hy lives with his mother in-law and his 3 year old son, and he and his wife work hard throughout the year.

inchunAfter the rainy season, Mr Hy works as an English teacher in his village but, although he has been doing this since 2005, he does not make much money from the work as there are not very many paying students locally. In total, he earns around 30-40 USD from his teaching job in addition to which his wife earns some income by selling vegetables and cakes. As a result, his family have an income of around 300 USD. This amount is hardly enough to cover all the expenses in the family, especially the costs when someone gets sick.

In 2008, his son got very ill. Since he did not have enough money to pay for medical care, he decided to take his son to see a traditional doctor in the village. However, his son still did not get better. In fact, the symptoms got worse and his son lost consciousness. When this happened he quickly took him to Battambong hospital where he was told that he had Cerebral Malaria. He was lucky that he took him on time to the hospital since his son was in a serious condition and he was told to keep him there for at least 10 days treatment.

Asked if he had enough money to pay for the fee, Mr. Inchun Hy observed that the sign board at hospital shows that the price of malaria treatment was 400,000 Riel (around 100 USD) for a whole course of treatment. At the time he only had 300,000 Riel and he therefore had to borrow some money from his neighbour in order to pay for the medical fees. However, he was surprised to learn from other patients in the same room with his son that they had an insurance card which meant that they did not have to worry about paying the costs when they got sick. They told him that he needed to spend only 48,000 Riel to be covered for a whole year and, as a result, when CHO reached his village in 2009 he decided to join the scheme and became very active in telling other people in his village about the benefits of CBHI.

His family is living happily now and since he joined the scheme his income has increased and he no longer worries about paying for treatment if one of his family falls ill.

Updated: 08/07/2014 — 14:24
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