Member Organizations

SHPA members according to the bylaw, are classified into three categories: full member, associate member as organization and associate member as individual.

Full members

Full members can participate and vote in any ordinary or extraordinary General Assembly meetings. Full membership is open to all SHP schemes in Cambodia. SHPA has 13 full members:

  1. Action for Health (AFH)
  2. Action for Health Development (AHEAD)
  3. Buddhism for Health (BfH)
  4. Centre d’Etude et de Développement Agricole Cambodgien (CEDAC)
  5. Cambodian Health Committee (CHC)
  6. Cambodian Health Organization (CHO)
  7. Family Health Development (FHD)
  8. Patient Information Centre (MoPoTsyo)
  9. Pursat Community Health Support Fund Association (PCHSFA)
  10. Poor Family Development (PFD)
  11. Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC)
  12. SHSFO
  13. Angkor Chum OD Cooperative Health Insurance (STSA)

Associate members

Associate members cannot vote but can participate in any ordinary or extraordinary General Assembly meetings as observers. Associate membership is open to other social health protection, other interested organizations and individuals. As of December 2015, SHPA has 4 associate members as organization:

  1. Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  2. Groupe de Recherche et d’Echanges Technologiques (GRET)
  3. Malteser International (MI)
  4. Women Organization for Modern Economy and Nursing (WOMEN)
Updated: 30/09/2016 — 22:41
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