H-SPIS Refresher Workshop 16th March 2015

SHPA organized a H-SPIS refresher workshop on 16th March 2015 with total 16 participants  including 4 females, from different organization (4 AFH, 4 BFH, 2 CHC, 1 FHD, 1 PCHSFA, 2 STSA, and 2 from SHPA).

Objective of the workshop:

  • To provide refresher training in using H-SPIS v4 to end-users from relevant SHP schemes
  • To define support needs of operators (e.g. through further on-site support)
  • To collect inputs from operators in order to improve the current version of H-SPIS v4 (developed under Phase 1) and modified it to be the unified MIS platform (Phase 2) covering CHPF, HEF-CHPF, Voucher, User Fee. Under this new platform, all different MIS systems (H-SPIS, PMRS, Voucher, User Fee and HMIS) will communicate with each other and will be hosted at the same place fully managed by MoH/DPHI.


Updated: 18/03/2015 — 09:52
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